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Card #PlayerConditionPrice Range
AL1 Excellent (No Tab)15.00
AL10 Excellent (No Tab)15.00
AL12 Excellent (With Tab)15.00
AL12 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)9.00
AL12 Near Mint (No Tab)12.00
AL13 Excellent (No Tab)6.00
AL13 Very Good (No Tab)3.60
AL14 Near Mint (No Tab)20.00
AL16 Very Good (With Tab)9.00
AL17 Very Good (No Tab)6.00
AL17 Very Good (With Tab)15.00
AL18 Excellent (No Tab)10.00
AL18 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)15.00
AL19 Excellent (With Tab)10.00
AL19 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
AL19 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)15.00
AL19 Very Good (With Tab)6.00
AL20 Excellent (With Tab)15.00
AL20 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)9.00
AL20 Very Good (With Tab)9.00
AL21 Excellent (No Tab)6.00
AL21 Very Good (With Tab)9.00
AL22 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)28.13
AL23 Excellent (With Tab)12.50
AL23 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)18.75
AL24 Excellent (With Tab)12.50
AL25 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
AL25 Very Good (With Tab)6.00
AL26 Excellent (No Tab)4.00
AL4 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
AL4 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)15.00
AL5 Excellent (No Tab)12.50
AL5 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)18.75
AL7 Very Good (No Tab)2.40
AL8 Excellent (No Tab)10.00
AL8 Very Good (No Tab)6.00
AL9 Very Good (No Tab)2.40
NL1 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
NL10 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)22.50
NL12 Excellent (No Tab)10.00
NL13 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)15.00
NL14 Excellent (With Tab)75.00
NL14 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)45.00
NL15 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)15.00
NL18 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)18.75
NL19 Excellent (No Tab)15.00
NL19 Very Good (No Tab)9.00
NL2 Excellent (No Tab)4.00
NL2 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
NL2 Near Mint (No Tab)8.00
NL20 Excellent (No Tab)4.00
NL20 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)15.00
NL20 Very Good (With Tab)6.00
NL21 Excellent (No Tab)10.00
NL21 Excellent (With Tab)25.00
NL21 Near Mint (No Tab)20.00
NL21 Very Good (With Tab)15.00
NL22 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
NL22 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)15.00
NL22 Near Mint/Mint (No Tab)12.00
NL23 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
NL24 Very Good (No Tab)2.40
NL24 Very Good (With Tab)6.00
NL3 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)18.75
NL3 Near Mint (No Tab)25.00
NL5 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)45.00
NL6 Near Mint (No Tab)15.00
NL7 Excellent/Mint (No Tab)6.00
NL7 Near Mint (No Tab)8.00
NL9 Excellent/Mint (With Tab)15.00


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