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1948 Bowman Baseball Cards

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Card #PlayerConditionPrice Range
1 Bob ElliottVery Good45.00
1 Bob ElliottVery Good/Excellent75.00
2 Ewell BlackwellExcellent140.00
2 Ewell BlackwellVery Good/Excellent112.00
3 Ralph KinerVery Good180.00
3 Ralph KinerVery Good/Excellent228.00
4 Johnny MizePoor7.50
4 Johnny MizeVery Good/Excellent136.00
5 Bob FellerExcellent450.00
5 Bob FellerVery Good/Excellent360.00
6 Yogi BerraExcellent1000.00
8 Phil RizzutoVery Good330.00
11 Johnny LindellExcellent60.00
11 Johnny LindellVery Good/Excellent48.00
12 Johnny SainExcellent/Mint210.00
13 Willard Marshall39.95
13 Willard MarshallVery Good72.00
14 Allie ReynoldsGood7.50
14 Allie ReynoldsVery Good/Excellent104.00
15 Eddie JoostVery Good/Excellent48.00
16 Jack LohrkeExcellent120.00
16 Jack LohrkeVery Good72.00
16 Jack LohrkeVery Good/Excellent96.00
19 Tommy HenrichExcellent120.00
19 Tommy HenrichVery Good72.00
19 Tommy HenrichVery Good/Excellent96.00
20 Buddy KerrExcellent120.00
21 Ferris FainVery Good48.00
21 Ferris FainVery Good/Excellent64.00
21 Ferris FainNear Mint54.95
21 Ferris FainNear Mint/Mint69.95
23 Larry JansenExcellent/Mint90.00
23 Larry JansenVery Good/Excellent48.00
25 Barney McCoskeyVery Good36.00
26 Frank SheaExcellent/Mint49.95
26 Frank SheaExcellent120.00
29 Joe PageVery Good/Excellent200.00
30 Whitey LockmanExcellent/Mint59.95
30 Whitey LockmanVery Good/Excellent120.00
31 Bill McCahanExcellent60.00
32 Bill RigneyExcellent60.00
32 Bill RigneyPoor1.50
33 Bill JohnsonVery Good/Excellent48.00
34 Sheldon JonesExcellent120.00
34 Sheldon JonesVery Good/Excellent96.00
35 George StirnweissExcellent60.00
35 George StirnweissVery Good/Excellent48.00
36 Stan MusialExcellent/Mint600.00
37 Clint HartungVery Good72.00
39 Augie GalanExcellent120.00
41 Rex BarneyVery Good102.00
42 Ray PoatExcellent120.00
42 Ray PoatVery Good/Excellent96.00
44 Johnny WyrostekVery Good72.00
44 Johnny WyrostekVery Good/Excellent96.00
47 Bobby ThomsonVery Good/Excellent224.00
48 Dave KosloExcellent320.00
48 Dave KosloVery Good/Excellent256.00


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