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Card #PlayerConditionPrice Range
3 Ferris FainVery Good5.00
3 Ferris FainVery Good/Excellent7.60
4 Vern StephensNear Mint20.00
5 Phil RizzutoExcellent/Mint52.50
5 Phil RizzutoNear Mint70.00
7 Howie PolletNear Mint20.00
8 Early WynnExcellent/Mint30.00
8 Early WynnExcellent20.00
8 Early WynnVery Good/Excellent15.20
8 Early WynnNear Mint40.00
10 Mel ParnellNear Mint20.00
11 Gene HermanskiExcellent/Mint15.00
11 Gene HermanskiExcellent10.00
11 Gene HermanskiVery Good/Excellent7.60
12 Jim HeganExcellent/Mint15.00
12 Jim HeganNear Mint20.00
15 Eddie JoostExcellent25.00
20 Dom DiMaggioExcellent/Mint30.00
20 Dom DiMaggioNear Mint40.00
22 Bob FellerNear Mint75.00
25 Cliff ChambersExcellent10.00
25 Cliff ChambersNear Mint20.00
27 Wally WestlakeExcellent10.00
28 Elmer ValoExcellent/Mint15.00
28 Elmer ValoVery Good/Excellent7.60
29 Bob KennedyExcellent/Mint15.00
29 Bob KennedyVery Good/Excellent7.60
29 Bob KennedyNear Mint20.00
30 Warren SpahnExcellent/Mint56.25
30 Warren SpahnVery Good/Excellent26.25
30 Warren SpahnNear Mint75.00
31 Lou BrissieExcellent25.00
32 Henry ThompsonExcellent10.00
32 Henry ThompsonVery Good5.00
32 Henry ThompsonNear Mint20.00
33 William WerleExcellent/Mint15.00
33 William WerleExcellent10.00
33 William WerleVery Good5.00
33 William WerleVery Good/Excellent7.60
33 William WerleNear Mint20.00
35 Al RosenExcellent/Mint22.50
35 Al RosenVery Good/Excellent11.40
36 Cliff FanninExcellent25.00
36b Gus Zernial Philly BioNear Mint35.00
37 Wes WestrumExcellent/Mint15.00
37 Wes WestrumExcellent10.00
37 Wes WestrumNear Mint20.00
38 Duke SniderNear Mint75.00
39 Ted KluszewskiVery Good/Excellent17.10
40 Mike GarciaExcellent/Mint22.50
40 Mike GarciaNear Mint30.00
42 Ray ScarboroughExcellent/Mint15.00
42 Ray ScarboroughExcellent10.00
42 Ray ScarboroughNear Mint20.00
43 Maurice McDermottExcellent10.00
43 Maurice McDermottNear Mint20.00
44 Sid HudsonExcellent10.00
44 Sid HudsonVery Good/Excellent7.60
44 Sid HudsonNear Mint20.00
45 Andy SeminickExcellent/Mint15.00
45 Andy SeminickExcellent10.00
45 Andy SeminickVery Good/Excellent7.60
45 Andy SeminickNear Mint20.00
47 Tommy GlavianoExcellent/Mint15.00
47 Tommy GlavianoVery Good/Excellent7.60
47 Tommy GlavianoNear Mint20.00
48 Eddie StankyExcellent12.50
49 Al ZarillaExcellent10.00
49 Al ZarillaVery Good5.00
50 Monte IrvinExcellent/Mint42.00
51 Eddie RobinsonVery Good5.00
51 Eddie RobinsonVery Good/Excellent7.60
52a Tommy Holmes Bos BioExcellent/Mint56.25
52a Tommy Holmes Bos BioNear Mint75.00


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